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Your Neighborhood Partner in Primary Care

We’ll care for you like family! In addition to delivering high quality Primary Health Care, we take a genuine and heartfelt interest in the lives of our patients. We’ll get to know you by name. In addition to routine sports and work related physicals, we offer a medical weight management program and perform a variety of women’s health services.

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Primary Care

We accept patients of all ages and provide comprehensive primary care wellness services and management of acute and chronic conditions. We’ll take time to carefully understand your unique healthcare needs.

Weight Loss

Individualized nutrition and exercise planning combined with medical therapy to promote optimal health and eliminate the complications associated with obesity.

Allergy Clinic

Our comprehensive program includes skin and blood allergy testing to help identify triggers to environmental, food and other allergens, as well as treatment with allergy injections.

Physicals and Screenings

Vista Health & Wellness offers school and sports physicals, as well as work and DOT physicals. We also provide some annual screenings and referrals to specialists when needed.

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