your-health-fileWe’re Proud to Offer YourHealthFile®

If you do not have your login credentials, please call us and we can get you set up.

  • Administrative Features

    Appointment Requests — request an appointment, and after our office books the requested time, you receives an email confirmation
    Appointment Confirmation — you can confirm your appointment via email and the appointment is automatically marked confirmed in the schedule
    Patient Pre-Registration — you can complete the standard patient demographics, insurance, and HIPAA forms online
    Secure Patient Messaging — you can message a staff member
    Debit/Credit Card Processing — pay co-pays online
    Online Statements — you can view and pay the latest statement online; no more paper statements or mailing
  • Clinical Features

    Complete the Chief Complaint — during online check–in, you can complete customized questionnaires the helps to understand your health care needs
    Review and Add Medical Histories — you can review and add new findings to the Allergy, Past Medical, Past Surgical, Family, and Social Histories
    Review and Add Medications — you can review and add new meds to the active Medication List
    Prescription Renewal/Refills — you can request a refill, complete with the patient’s preferred pharmacy
    Secure Patient Messaging — you can exchange messages with clinical staff; set a staff member(s) to filter messages for the doctor
    Lab Results — you can review lab results online and receive messages from the Vista Health & Wellness related to lab findings; example: “this result is abnormal, schedule an appointment”
    Document Review — you can review key documents , such as x-ray reports
    Health Maintenance Reminders — for preventive care and diabetic patients our health maintenance reminders increase compliance with wellness standards